Moving all ENGRAVE projects to Hive

Just a quick note to let you be informed. Many things have happened during the last few weeks because Justin Sun acquired Steemit Inc and tried to do a hostile takeover of the chain. That was an extraordinary treat for the entire ecosystem, so the community was forced to take necessary steps to prevent this. Witnesses decided to go with a Hard Fork and created Hive.


I do fully support the decision to create a new chain, called Hive, and separate it from the Steem blockchain. I'm going to move all of my projects from Steem to Hive as soon as possible. Necessary code changes were already implemented, but it might take some time to test everything against the new chain.

Do you need to do anything?

No. I will do my best to make this transition as smooth as possible. Ideally, you won't even notice if there was a change. The main difference is that if you post a new article after the Hard Fork, your data will be stored in the Hive chain, not in Steem. Your keys will remain the same; your posts and comments will be available as always. But have in mind that after the Hard Fork 23, which will occur at 10 am EST, Friday, March 20th so 24 hours from now.

If I see it necessary, posting, voting, and commenting directly on blogs might be disabled for a few hours after the fork. Every article posted to that moment will be available as always. Engrave and DBLOG configuration will not change, domains and blogs will be availble.

ENGRAVE future

There will also be a significant update in a few days. Stay tuned!!

Hive is Live

So it be. This post is updated on Hive chain but not on Steem anymore.