Introducing dBlog feature: hide unwanted comments under your blog articles

There are a lot of automated bots that spam the network for various reasons. As a blogger, I don't want to see those comments under my blogs, which I sign with my name and show it to others. So here is the new feature: the ability to block (hide) unwanted commenters from appearing under your posts on your blogs powered by

What is dBlog?

Formerly called Engrave ( / - dBlog is a blogging platform with custom domains and themes. It's not a generic Hive interface. It's an equivalent of Blogger or Blogspot but powered directly by Hive blockchain. Users can quickly log in and create blogs with custom domains and appearance. You can create a blog, import your Hive posts, and set up your page within a few clicks.

Visit Dashboard and quickly create own blog with own domain:

Why should you hide those comments?

dBlog is designed to attract external bloggers to Hive blockchain. Those people usually want to create their own blog/website and see the real engagement under the posts. Hive is a great ecosystem, but there are many strange things to handle at the start for newcomers, like those automated bots commenting on the few first articles. It would be great to show another face of Hive - a real community. But there needs to be a way to hide the spam.

So if you are logging into dBlog Dashboard, there is a new option under your blog settings: Hide unwanted commenters. Feel free to type any account you would like to block.

There is a "quick add" button that blocks known bots automatically. You can review the list any time you want. Don't forget to save settings!

From now on, if you refresh your blog article, you won't see any comments from the list.

Please note, this will only impact your blogs on platform. There is no way to prevent other users from commenting on your posts on a blockchain level so that those comments will be visible on other frontends like or If the comment contains child comments (replies), those won't be visible also.

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