dBlog development report

During the last two weeks, I've introduced multiple changes to the dBlog platform. I believe it's worth mentioning because I've been inactive for some time due to my health issues, but I'm back and fully committed to Hive again. You can expect more updates and useful tools soon.

What is dBlog?

Formerly called Engrave (dblog.org / engrave.website) - dBlog is a blogging platform with custom domains and themes. It's not a generic Hive interface. It's an equivalent of Blogger or Blogspot but powered directly by Hive blockchain. Users can quickly log in and create blogs with custom domains and appearance. You can create a blog, import your Hive posts, and set up your page within a few clicks.

Visit Dashboard and quickly create own blog with own domain: dblog.org

Features introduced:

  • Ability to buy custom domains with HIVE or HBD
  • Blogs' sitemaps now contain images to improve SEO
  • You can quickly add blog category while writing a new article
  • It's possible to import posts multiple times
  • You can now move articles between your blogs

Those features were on my TODO list for a long time, and they are ready now. Feel free to use it and give me some feedback.

Some bugs were solved:

  • "Configure own domain" button is now visible when using the dark theme
  • Account RC calculation is fixed
  • Blogs renderer now handle default route correctly
  • When you delete a blog, we get rid of your posts so you could import them again later
  • Some changes regarding Hivesigner were introduced
  • User statistics on the wallet page are fixed now
  • Max body file size for uploads has been changed to handle bigger images
  • Show error notification on failed upload - uploads do not freeze upload button when failed anymore
  • Fixed a lot of polish translations
  • Domain search results are correctly displayed on mobile phones
  • Done some refactoring to replace Steem with Hive

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