Engrave Marketplace - buy top-level domains with Hive or HBD and start blogging like a PRO!

Providing real-life use cases for HIVE is crucial for our ecosystem to grow. So here is Engrave - delivering the fastest and easiest way to spend HIVE or HBD tokens for a real product, the domain name for your blog. Within over 500 TLDs supported, you will find a perfect domain for your needs!

What is Engrave?

Also called dBlog (dblog.org) - Engrave is a blogging platform with custom domains and themes. It's not a generic Hive interface. It's an equivalent of Blogger or Blogspot but powered directly by Hive blockchain. Users can quickly log in and create blogs with custom domains and appearance. You can create a blog, import your Hive posts, and set up your page within a few clicks.

Those websites are powered by Engrave:

You can also cooperate with other people within a single blog - create a professional website powered by Hive within seconds, effortless.

You can read more about Engrave on our official blog: https://blog.engrave.dev

Custom domain in two steps

Using custom domains was possible with Engrave for a long time. But you had to deal with registration and DNS records on your own. I want to make the Engrave experience as easy and smooth as possible, so I designed the Domains Marketplace.

Visit Engrave Dashboard: https://dashboard.dblog.org

1. Find perfect domain

Finding the best-suited domain couldn't be easier - type an interesting phrase and click the "Search" button. We will suggest multiple options with multiple TLDs. Please choose the one (or more!) which suits you best and reserve it with a single click. It will appear on the "Your domains" list with the "Awaiting payment" status.

We support over 500 TLDs, including non-standard one like .beer, .diet, .pics, .bike, .technology, .live and so on. You will definitely find a domain for you.

The registration price depends on the domain TLD, and you can decide which one is interesting for you. Just have in mind that you register the domain for a year and want to renew it after this time.

Take renewal price into consideration - sometimes, it's better to pay a little more for a much smaller renewal price.

2. Pay for it using HIVE or HBD

Domain list visible on Engrave Dashboard

When reserved, the domain appears on your domains list. You will see two buttons which will redirect you to Hivesigner with ready to process payments template. Just authorize the transfer, and you're done.

Few seconds after the payment, your reserved domain will be automatically registered and configured to work with dBlog. A few seconds later, you can start using it and connect it to your blog. Engrave will also automatically generate SSL certificates so your readers could securely access your blog. It is designed to be effortless, and it is.

Connect it to your blog

Visit your blog settings, add a newly registered domain and save it. That's it. Your blog will be accessible immediately under a new domain.

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My witness node is running on two dedicated servers in two different locations:

Primary non-MIRA:

  • Intel Xeon E3-1275v5
  • 2x SSD SATA 480 GB
  • 64GB RAM DDR4

Backup with MIRA:

  • Intel Core i7-4770
  • 2x SSD SATA 256 GB
  • 32GB RAM DDR3

I'm also participating in the latest testnet to test incoming Hard Fork release before it happens.

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